Aeroporti di Roma: Terminal C at Fiumicino airport ready by year-end

Terminal C of Leonardo Da Vinci Rome Airport is ready for December 2016

Terminal C of Rome Fiumicino Airport will be ready by 31 December 2016. This was stated by the company “Aeroporti di Roma“, who met with ENAC summits to discuss the state of works.

The president of ENAC, Mr Vito Riggio, has showed the need of the work to be completed in the expected time frame, since it is a essential national infrastructure, with high public interest, to ensure the increase of the capacity of the Rome airport, and an improvement of quality of passenger services.

For its part, Aeroporti di Roma has reassured the Authority on compliance with the time, adding, as the contractor has engaged in delivery of the work, within the first days of December. ENAC, concluded Mr Riggio, in the coming months will continue to constantly monitor the progress of work of Terminal C of Leonardo Da Vinci Rome Airport.

Terminal C Details.

The new Terminal C of Fiumicino Airport, designed to accommodate domestic and Schengen flights, is composed of two completely new houses, with a total area of approximately 78,000 m2.

The first building (said “AVANCORPO”) consists of an extension, close to the central body, of the TERMINAL C, 200m long and 40 wide, for a total area of 22,250 m2.

The second building is the real Terminal C, dedicated to boarding operations, 280m long and wide 70. In the front building there are 8 exits for remote boarding, while 16 exits in Terminal are served by 17 loading bridges.

The parking areas dedicated to aircraft ranging from 14 to 16 depending on the aircraft type. The area dedicated to shopping and dining, covering 4,000 m2, are the many square meters of Terminal C dedicated to the specific activities of airlines between Vip and meeting rooms.