Chinese virus. How Rome airport deals with the emergency

Checks at Rome Fiumicino Airport on planes arriving from Wuhan, any infected will be put in isolation at Spallanzani.

For now, the Italian health system is committed to building procedures to immediately intercept any infections

For those arriving at Rome Fiumicino airport.

With the scanners tomorrow the fever of all those arriving from Wuhan will be controlled in Rome Fiumicino Airport. At 11pm, one of the three weekly flights connecting Rome is scheduled. Checks will also be made on planes where there are passengers who have stopped in the city of the epidemic. If someone has a fever, their health conditions will be deepened and, if necessary, they will be hospitalized in isolation at Spallanzani in Rome.

In addition, passengers will be asked where they are going and what route they will take to reach their destination. It is a way to rebuild contacts with other people of those who later turn out to be sick. Those returning from China become ill within two weeks of returning must instead call their family doctor immediately.

For those leaving from Rome Fiumicino airport

The first suggestion is to avoid the area of ​​the metropolis where most cases have occurred (“Consider the opportunity to postpone unnecessary travel”, writes the ministry). For those who cannot postpone the trip, it is advisable to consult the family doctor “to be informed of the hygiene measures to be applied to prevent respiratory diseases” and to be vaccinated “against the flu at least two weeks before the trip”. The coronavirus that is causing the epidemic is different from the agent responsible for the flu, but it is always better to be covered against this second disease.

Once in China it is recommended to wash your hands frequently and to cover “your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing (do not use your hands)”. Then it is suggested to avoid crowded places, especially markets, contact with people affected by respiratory diseases and with animals and products of uncooked animal origin. In addition, travelers are encouraged to seek medical attention or a healthcare facility if symptoms of respiratory infection such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties appear. “Don’t go on a trip if you’re sick.”