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Rome Fiumicino airport testing centre

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Rome Airport Coronavirus Travel information

Rome airports Covid-19 Testing Centre

Passengers at Rome airport can undergo the Covid test with confidence and benefit from fast and reliable results.

Rome Fiumicino airport has a COVID-19 testing centre inside Terminal 3

The Rome Fiumicino airport’s testing centre, delivered in partnership with Istituto Spallanzani, is conveniently located at the arrival of Terminal 3.

In the Covid-19 arrivals test area of Terminal 3 it is possible to obtain the rapid swab service from 24.00 to 20.00 every day, and the molecular swab service from 24.00 to 17.00, for all passengers departing or arriving from the airport of Fiumicino (FCO) at particularly low rates:

  • antigen tests can be carried out at a cost of 20 euros, obtaining the result in just twenty minutes.
  • for molecular tests the cost is 69.88 euros, with the result of the swab available in 36 hours, which can be collected in person at Fiumicino airport.

Payment for Covid tests can be made at the airport by credit card (no cash).

To access the service, simply pre-register online (The service is not on resarvation. It is recommended to fill in this form to save time at the Test Area.) and go directly to the Test Area at the FCO airport.

Understanding Covid-19 Testing

The Antigen Test is the fastest and cheapest of all laboratory tests for COVID-19. Unlike the Molecular Test, the genetic material of the virus is not searched, but rather the protein structures on a viral infected cell produced by COVID-19; usually the so-called ‘spike’ protein.

Antigen tests often turn positive after having symptoms for a couple of days. Their use is especially powerful when patients participate in common events, and a quick check should be done to see if participants are infected with COVID-19.

Even during the winter months, when people often have symptoms of the common cold or the flu, running an antigen test will ascertain whether the condition is coronavirus or not.

Molecular Test is the most sensitive test currently available, capable of detecting active infection a few days before the patient is infectious or symptomatic. It is the test of the gold standard; used daily by the National Health Service. Requires a response time of at least 48 hours.

Rome Fiumicino Airport opening hours

The following airport information is useful before departure. Fiumicino Airport closes from 12:00 AM to 03:00 AM for sanitation procedures.

Rome Ciampino Airport opening hours

The following airport information is useful before departure. Ciampino Airport closes from 12:00 AM to 04:30 AM

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