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Arrange Car Hire at the airport of Rome

Rome Airport Car Rentals (Rome Airport Car Hire) are located at the Office Tower 2, are easily accessible using the pedestrian tunnel linking the airport to the multi-storey car parks, there are signs to reach the arrivals area.

The car rental service (Rent a Car) is offered at the airport of Rome-Fiumicino, by the companies listed below:

  • Auto Europa. Tel. +39 06 65017450
  • Avis autonoleggio. Tel. +39 06 65957885
  • Budget. Tel. +39 06 65954074
  • Easycar. Tel. +39 393 9644487
  • Europcar. Tel. +39 06 65761211
  • Hertz. Tel. +39 06 65955842
  • Locauto Rent. Tel. +39 06 65048215
  • Maggiore. Tel. +39 06 65047568
  • Sixt. Tel. +39 06 65953547

Drop-off cars: the cars are returned in the same place where they were hired (Buildings B and C of the Multi-storey car park), follow the directions that are present in the vicinity of the Rome Fiumicino airport.

General Informations on Car Rentals


When choosing a Rome airport car-rental agency, ask your travel agent about a company’s customer-service record. How has the company responded to late plane arrivals and vehicle mishaps? Are there often lines at the rental counter? If you’re traveling during a holiday period, does a confirmed reservation guarantee you a car?


The great attraction of renting is obviously that you become independent of public transport. This independence comes at a cost, however: You should consider renting a car only if you are with at least one other person; single travelers pay a tremendous premium.

Car-rental costs vary from country to country; if you’re visiting a number of countries with varying rates, it makes sense to rent a vehicle in the cheapest country. To get the best deal, book through a travel agent who is willing to shop around.

When pricing cars, ask about the location of the rental lot. Picking up a car at an airport is convenient but often costs extra (up to 10%) as rental companies pass along the fees charged to them by airports. Some off-airport locations offer lower rates, and their lots are only minutes from the terminal via complimentary shuttle.

You also may want to price local car-rental companies, whose rates may be lower still, although their service and maintenance may not be as good as those of a name-brand agency. Remember to ask about required deposits, cancellation penalties, and drop-off charges if you’re planning to pick up the car in one city and leave it in another.

Before you pick up a car in one city and leave it in another, ask about drop-off charges or one-way service fees, which can be substantial. Note, too, that some rental agencies charge extra if you return the car before the time specified in your contract. To avoid a hefty refueling fee, fill the tank just before you turn in the car, but be aware that gas stations near the rental outlet may overcharge.


When driving a rented car you are generally responsible for any damage to or loss of the vehicle. You may also be liable for any property damage or personal injury that you may cause while driving. Before you rent, see what coverage you already have under the terms of your personal auto-insurance policy and credit cards.

When driving outside your home country, your driver’s license may not be recognized. International Driver’s Permits are available from the American or Canadian automobile association and, in the United Kingdom, from the Automobile Association or Royal Automobile Club. These international permits are universally recognized, and having one in your wallet may save you a problem with the local authorities. They are only valid in conjunction with your regular driver’s license, however.

You can find out more about International Driver’s Permits (a.k.a. International Driver’s Licenses) at this site: IDL International


Collision policies that car-rental companies sell for European rentals typically do not cover stolen vehicles. Before you buy additional coverage for theft, check with your credit-card company and personal auto insurance — you may already be covered. All car-rental companies operating in Italy require that you buy theft-protection policies. Agencies in most European countries recognize the International Driver’s License. The minimum age to rent a car varies throughout Europe.


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