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Parking at Rome Airport

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Find a parking space at Rome Fiumicino airport

Booking Car Parking FCO

The low-cost car parks near Rome Fiumicino Airport, the official ones inside the airport and the short-term car parks for those accompanying or waiting for a traveler

Parking at Fiumicino airport

Finding a parking space at Rome Fiumicino airport is a fairly simple search, given the large offer of low cost parking nearby and considering the capacious official long-stay Fiumicino airport parking lots.

Official or low-cost parking?

The official internal car parks of Fiumicino airport have the advantage of being a stone’s throw from the Terminals, on the other hand the low cost car parks offer numerous advantages that are difficult to ignore: extremely low rates, free shuttle, additional services on request (such as car wash or car valet).

Below you will find all the useful information on car parks at Rome Fiumicino Airport, both low cost and official, so you can evaluate in advance where to park your car. In any case, we recommend that you book your parking space online to make sure you get the lowest price.

Low cost parking at Rome Fiumicino Airport

The low cost car parks, open 24 hours a day and located near Rome Fiumicino Airport, are cheaper than official car parks. Once you have left your car in the guarded parking lot, you can take advantage of the free shuttle that will take you directly to the departure terminal of your flight within a few minutes.

The cheapest low-cost parking rate at Rome Fiumicino Airport starts from 2 euros per day.

All low cost car parks near FCO offer a Rome Airport shuttle service included in the parking price.

Upon arrival, just after leaving your car, the shuttle transports passengers to the desired departure terminal at Rome Fiumicino Airport.

On your return, after having collected your luggage, you will have to call the car park, which will send the shuttle to pick you up at Rome Fiumicino Airport within a few minutes.

Tel: +39 392 9040775
Address: Via Portuense, 2365-2377 – Fiumicino

FCO Airport Parking Fiumicino is a brand new car park very close to the airport. It offers covered and uncovered parking spaces and the possibility of transfer by shuttle bus.
By booking online you get discounted prices by paying directly at the car park.

Address: Via Portuense, 2335 – Fiumicino

The car park is only 3 minutes from Rome Fiumicino airport which you can reach thanks to the King Parking private shuttle bus. The transfer is included in the price and the bus leaves as soon as the customer has checked the vehicle

Parking with Car Valet at Rome Fiumicino Airport

The Car Valet service offers the convenience of leaving your car directly at the departures terminal of Rome Fiumicino Airport, where the car park driver will be waiting for you and will take your car to the chosen car park.

On your return you will find the car waiting for you directly at Rome Fiumicino Airport, where the driver will give you the keys.

Official airport parking: Easy Parking

easyParking is the name of the official car parks at Rome Fiumicino airport, managed by the ADR company (Aeroporti di Roma).

The 4 multi-storey car parks are marked with the letters A-B-C-D. These car parks offer the undoubted advantage of being covered and in front of the airport terminals.

You can then choose the most convenient parking place compared to the Terminal from which your flight departs. For terminals T1 and T2 it is recommended to park in the multi-storey A and B, while for Terminals T3 and T5 the parking lots C and D are closer.
Each floor of the car park is equipped with indicators that show the number of free spaces.

easyParking has reserved 80 special places for pregnant women and new mothers (pink car parks), equipped with toilets and cashiers in the immediate vicinity, SOS columns and security cameras, as well as free places for the handicapped for a maximum stop of 2 hours .

Parking for motorbikes at Fiumicino airport

If you arrive by motorbike instead of by car, there are 70 covered parking spaces with a reserved entrance, located on the ground floor of parking A.

Short-term parking at Fiumicino airport

Short-stay car parks will come in handy when you want to take someone to the airport, or in the opposite case you are going to pick up, returning from a trip.

There are two solutions offered by Rome Fiumicino airport for those who need to park only for 15 minutes:
Kiss & Go area and traditional short-term car parks in front of Terminals 1 and 3.

Kiss & Go area

Kiss & Go is a free parking area lasting 15 minutes from the moment of entry. It is designed for those who want to quickly greet those leaving (or arriving). Since a limited traffic area is active throughout the airport, the parking time is calculated automatically by the cameras that detect all incoming and outgoing transits.

Pay attention to the time to avoid nasty surprises. If you realize that 15 minutes is not enough for your greetings, you have 4 possibilities:

  1. Extend the parking time in the Kiss & Go area by a further 45 minutes using one of the parking meters in the area, up to a maximum of 1 hour overall (rate of 6 euros).
  2. move the car to one of the two short-term car parks in front of Terminals 1 and 3, where you will have an additional 20 minutes for free;
  3. move the car to one of the multi-storey car parks (A-B-C-D) where it can park as long as desired (for a fee).
  4. go directly to the long-stay car park outside the Fiumicino airport area, where the first hour is free, waiting for the right moment to get closer to the Kiss & Go area of ​​the airport.
Short Term Parking PT1 and PT3

Short-stay car parks are the most suitable when you know from the start that the 15 minutes of the Kiss & Go area will not be enough to greet or wait for loved ones.

They are located both in front of the arrivals of Terminal 1 and in front of Terminal 3 and the first 20 minutes are free. If you exceed 20 minutes for free, you can pay the difference at the automatic cash machines.

Keep in mind that these car parks are recommended for stops of up to one hour, for longer stops it is preferable to park in one of the multi-storey car parks (A-B-C-D).

Official long-stay car parks at Fiumicino airport

The official long-stay car parks are outside the Fiumicino airport area, the entrance is located on the A91 about 4km away from the Terminals. It is necessary to take a free shuttle to move between the airport and the car park.

They are cheaper than the car parks inside the airport, but pay attention to the times, here you will have to wait for the shuttle that goes around all the parking lots. Waiting times could be long and uncertain.

There are 1600 covered car parks, while the uncovered ones over 2100.

Parking at Ciampino airport


It has about 110 open-air street-leve parking spaces at 200 meters from the Terminals. Recommented for stays of up to one hour (firs 15 minutes free). The stay in this parking cannot be bought online. The parking tarifs, with no prepayment, are displayed at the entrance of each parking area.


The three car parks have about 500 street-level open-air car pars, in the service area opposite the Departures/Arrivals terminal

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