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Good practice for your luggage before check-in at Rome airport

Before check-in

Before check-in at Rome airport, it is good practice to label your luggage both inside and out with identifying information (first name, last name, address, telephone number) and remove luggage tags from previous trips.

Before starting your trip from the airports of Rome, you should find out what items may be carried in your hand luggage and in your checked luggage.

Hand luggage.

You may carry only one piece of hand luggage with you in the cabin, and, in addition, you may carry on the following:

  • purse, briefcase, personal computer
  • camera, video camera, CD player
  • overcoat or raincoat
  • umbrella or walking stick
  • crutches or other walking aids
  • bassinettes and food for infants
  • magazines, books, newspapers
  • items purchased in the “duty free shop

Checked luggage.

The dimensions and weights of checked luggage vary by airline, therefore you should contact your airline directly for such information and for information on maximum weight allowances and related fees

What may I not carry on the flight?

No cutting or pointed metal objects may be carried on one’s person or in one’s hand luggage. Examples of such objects include: scissors, knives or nail clippers, regardless of size. Any such objects discovered during the security check will be confiscated by security personnel. For more details consult: prohibited items (weapons, etc.): New EU security rules at airports.

Photo-Video and Electronic Equipment.

Expensive cameras, videocameras, personal computers, shall be accompanied by such documents as. (purchase receipt, guarantee certificate or bill of entry) proving that the googds have been regularly purchased in or imported to Italy in case Customs controls are carried out when caming back to Italy. In case of missing documents, before leaving the country it is advisable to go to port and airport Customs offices and have an ownership declaration issued; such document shall be shown in case Customs controls are carried out when caming back to Italy.


Within the meaning of public security provisions, the introduction in the national territory of any kind of fire-arms, knives or improper arms is forbidden, unless they are accompained by a regulae permission issued by the traveller’s place of residence police headquarters.

Luggage deposit

The luggage deposit counter is located in Terminal 3, International Arrivals, and it is open every day from 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Telephone +39 0665953541
Cost: 6 euro per piece of luggage per 24 hours (or less) from the moment of deposit. Payment is requested at the time of luggage pick-up.

Layover in Rome: The Spanish Steps Rome-5

The Spanish Steps

Layover in Rome: Trevi Fountain Rome

Trevi Fountain

long layover at the airport: Colosseo Rome


long layover at the airport: St Peter's Square

St Peter’s Square

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