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Real Time Rome Fiumicino Airport Departures (FCO)

Get the latest information on flights in and out of Rome Fiumicino Airport

Find the latest status information for flights departing from Leonardo Da Vinci Rome Airport (FCO)

Get the latest information on flights in and out of Rome Fiumicino Airport

Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Actual Status
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ2010 07:00 07:00 En-Route
Brussels (BRU) Ryanair FR2984 07:00 07:00 En-Route
London (LTN) Wizz Air W68269 07:45 Scheduled
Cagliari (CAG) Volotea V71111 07:45 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ2014 08:00 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Wizz Air W68178 08:10 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) ITA Airways AZ720 (2) 08:15 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Delta Air Lines DL6608 08:15 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Etihad Airways EY2806 08:15 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Wizz Air W62816 08:20 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR4902 08:30 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) ITA Airways AZ108 (3) 08:40 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL6604 08:40 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Etihad Airways EY2802 08:40 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Kenya Airways KQ4303 08:40 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) ITA Airways AZ572 (2) 08:40 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) Delta Air Lines DL6648 08:40 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) Etihad Airways EY2906 08:40 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air Contractors AG258 08:45 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR6342 08:45 Scheduled
Trapani (TPS) AlbaStar AP406 08:45 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) ITA Airways AZ316 (3) 08:55 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Delta Air Lines DL6622 08:55 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Etihad Airways EY2832 08:55 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Kenya Airways KQ4333 08:55 Scheduled
Alghero (AHO) Volotea V71145 08:55 Scheduled
Olbia (OLB) Volotea V71133 08:55 Scheduled
Cagliari (CAG) Volotea V71113 09:00 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ2016 09:00 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) ITA Airways AZ1731 (3) 09:05 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Delta Air Lines DL6624 09:05 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Ethiopian Airlines ET4009 09:05 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Etihad Airways EY2841 09:05 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) ITA Airways AZ1785 (3) 09:10 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Delta Air Lines DL6637 09:10 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Ethiopian Airlines ET4005 09:10 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Etihad Airways EY2873 09:10 Scheduled
Algiers (ALG) ITA Airways AZ800 09:10 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR9673 09:20 Scheduled
Lamezia Terme (SUF) ITA Airways AZ1169 (5) 09:20 Scheduled
Lamezia Terme (SUF) Bulgaria Air FB1627 09:20 Scheduled
Lamezia Terme (SUF) Delta Air Lines DL6642 09:20 Scheduled
Lamezia Terme (SUF) Ethiopian Airlines ET4021 09:20 Scheduled
Lamezia Terme (SUF) Etihad Airways EY2883 09:20 Scheduled
Lamezia Terme (SUF) Kenya Airways KQ4354 09:20 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) ITA Airways AZ582 (2) 09:30 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Delta Air Lines DL6670 09:30 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) KLM KL3447 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) ITA Airways AZ1617 (7) 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Air Europa UX3109 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) AirSERBIA JU7360 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Bulgaria Air FB1631 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Delta Air Lines DL6616 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Ethiopian Airlines ET4018 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Etihad Airways EY2823 09:30 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Kenya Airways KQ4323 09:30 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) ITA Airways AZ74 (2) 09:50 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Air Europa UX3125 09:50 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Bulgaria Air FB1735 09:50 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR4929 09:50 Scheduled
New York (EWR) United Airlines UA41 (4) 09:55 Scheduled
New York (EWR) Air Canada AC4992 09:55 Scheduled
New York (EWR) Brussels Airlines SN9018 09:55 Scheduled
New York (EWR) Lufthansa LH7617 09:55 Scheduled
New York (EWR) Swiss LX3026 09:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH231 (4) 09:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air Canada AC9301 09:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) All Nippon Airways NH6152 09:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) LAN Airlines LA8663 09:55 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) United Airlines UA8801 09:55 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR116 (6) 09:55 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Air Malta KM2355 09:55 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Bulgaria Air FB1911 09:55 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Malaysia Airlines MH9238 09:55 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Oman Air WY6005 09:55 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) RwandAir WB1011 09:55 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) SriLankan Airlines UL3544 09:55 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ2036 (2) 10:00 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Bulgaria Air FB1653 10:00 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Delta Air Lines DL6629 10:00 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR7092 10:00 Scheduled
Tel Aviv (TLV) El Al LY386 (1) 10:10 Scheduled
Tel Aviv (TLV) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7876 10:10 Scheduled
Leipzig (LEJ) Air Contractors AG898 10:30 Delayed
Madrid (MAD) Air Europa UX1040 (4) 10:35 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Aeromexico AM6926 10:35 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) AirSERBIA JU7425 10:35 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Alitalia AZ7116 10:35 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Etihad Airways EY4333 10:35 Scheduled

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