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Rome Airport to Rome City: Uber vs Taxi

From Rome Airport to Rome City. What to choose: Taxi, Uber? Book a private transfer?

If you’re on this page, it is because you have chosen to go to Rome, from the airport, by car. The options are obviously three in ascending comfort: wait a taxi at the airport, use Uber app once you arrive at the airport, or you can book in advance a private car (Limo).

“Why use Uber when Private car transfers are so convenient between the airport and central Rome?”

Taxi has a good fixed price

The Rome airport taxi is almost always the most economical option of the three. But, look at the two signs in the picture, we took at the Rome Fiumicino airport: report different prices, which confuse the ideas of customers and tourists.

Fiumicino airport taxi faresTwo different rates. The left sign, from the authorities of Rome, says that the flat taxi rate for Fiumicino Airport to Rome City and vice versa (inside the Aurelian walls, translated, would be the Rome City center) is 48 Euros. Now go to the right sign: same route, same specification of the Aurelian walls: 60 euro. We swear that is not a photo montage is not a joke, but it is what anyone can see in the taxi terminal.

The signs are both valid. It depends on the taxi company that will bring you in the center of Rome. If you climb into the taxi of Rome operators, the rate is 48 Euros; otherwise if you take a taxi of Fiumicino operators, it is 60 euro. Taxis in Rome are easily recognizable by a white place on the car sticker.


Uber experience at Rome airport.

I’m a big fan of Uber. I always use them when I move in Rome. I feel safe with Uber and I know I’m not going to get ripped off. Everything is tracked with Uber by GPS. At the end of your ride you get a receipt by e-mail. Another reason why you should take Uber and not a taxi is the fact that you get to pay with credit card. A lot of Rome cab drivers won’t take credit card (even if the sticker is displayed on their window!).

When in Rome, if you need a taxi, you have to find a taxi stand and wait for a cab driver to show up. With Uber, the driver will come to you! Nice drivers with nice cars. The best thing about it is the price was always between €15 to €20. A Rome taxi would have been similar in price. All is perfect! When you are in Rome.


But we are here at the airport. The fixed price set by Uber from Rome Airport to the city center is 60 Euros!! ( The rate seems a little excessive, certainly compared to the taxi we will have a luxury car and a well-dressed driver. Maybe the price difference could be right. But the hardest part about using Uber was at the airport because:

  1.  you have to wait 15/20 minutes before the driver arrive to pickup, because when you complete the reservation the driver is still in the car park dedicated to the Private Car Transfer Companies;
  2. the driver would call you to find out where you are. Most drivers did NOT speak English.

Book a private car transfer in advance: as Uber, better then Uber. And cheaper

Why use Uber when Private Car Transfers are so convenient between the airport and central Rome? At the time of this writing, we have negotiated with our affiliate Roman drivers (and many of them also work with Uber) a great deal: an airport transfer for €45 ONLY! Less than Uber, even cheaper than a Taxi.

Huge Benefits The advantage of being able to book from home, from office, or mobile phone, makes this service certainly the best among the three. It is the most economical (3 euro cheaper than a taxi, 15 euro cheaper than Uber), and it is the safest. You can pay by credit card. NO waiting at the airport: your driver will be waiting for you, and not you the driver. Most drivers did speak English, and if your driver does not speak it, the customer care is available at any time.

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