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covid 19 swab test Rome airport

CNN says: Rome Fiumicino is the first airport in the world in the fight against Covid-19

Rome’s Fiumicino airport is the safest in the world in the prevention of contagion from Covid-19. According to the most important rating company in civil aviation, Skytrax. The Roman airport has earned five out of five stars for its very high standards of cleanliness and maintenance procedures.

“Travelers eager to fly and looking for a safe destination may want to consider Rome and Italy as their next destination”

CNN reported the evaluation: “The Rome airport obtained points for easy-to-read signage in multiple languages, the rigorous application of the mask, the very present cleaning staff, and the high efficiency thanks to the consolidation of all flights, inbound and outbound, in a single terminal for easier monitoring “.

Skytrax has awarded the Rome airport the maximum score of 5-star for anti COVID-19 measures and protocols. London Heathrow Airport, Malaga Airport and Nice Cote d’Azur Airport got 3-Star.

Basically, the Rome Fiumicino airport was the first in the world for cleaning and sanitizing all the surfaces of the structures such as chairs, elevators, escalators. High score also for the speed and efficiency with which the employees measure body temperatures: less than two seconds and zero files, given that more than one hundred thermoscanners are active in the Roman airport.

Meanwhile, at the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome, Covid free flights begin: from 16 September two Alitalia flights Rome-Milan will carry only passengers who tested negative for the Covid-19 swab test made at the Fiumicino airport or in the previous 72 hours.

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