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Covid-19 prevention: Rome airport taxi and transfer covid free

Taxi and chauffeur driven car sanitation, Covid-19 prevention

All international transport has been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and obviously the effects of the Coronavirus on arrivals and departures at Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino airports are many.

Rome Taxi and Rome limousine sanitization is mandatory and provided for by law in the Cura Italia Decree. Attention to prevent contagion from Covid-19 is greatest, especially at the beginning of Phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency which somehow brings us back to a semblance of normalcy, after the hard days of lockdown.

“Coronavirus: takes care of the health of drivers and passengers”

Pending a cure and a vaccine that can definitively defeat the virus, we must all learn to live with Covid-19. All our drivers comply with the prevention measures indicated by the Government and the Higher Institute of Health.

Since May 4, many businesses have started flying again with significantly increased travel also on public transport, where it is mandatory to wear gloves and a mask and respect social distancing: trains, buses, trams and metros can travel at maximum with 50% of the capacity. But let’s see how we – at – operate with taxis and transport services.

Sanitization of taxi and chauffeur-driven car

Maximum attention both on taxis and on rental cars with driver (private airport transfers and limo services) where strict sanitation rules are in force. Drivers of taxis, shuttles and limousines must comply with the legal obligation that provides for the sanitation of their car after each race and that of wearing masks and gloves while driving.

At each ride the driver of the taxi, shuttle or limousine must personally clean and sanitize the rear seats where the passengers access, in particular the external and internal handles and the most exposed points.

Traveling to Rome airport by taxi and limousine during the Coronavirus emergency, how many on board?

As for taxi rides and limousine cars during the Coronavirus emergency, a maximum of two passengers are allowed on board, who must sit in the rear seats with personal protective equipment.

In cars approved for the transport of six or more passengers, there can be no more than two passengers per row of seats.

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