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first time in Rome airport

First time a Rome airport? 8 Things to Know

Boarding procedures, especially the first time you take the plane, can seem complicated. The Fiumicino airport itself can seem like a place full of codes and signs are difficult to understand. Often, to make things more difficult there is the language.

By following this simple step-by-step guide, figure out how to take the plane from Rome Airport (FCO) will be easy and we will take our flight without problems.

It is important to arrive at the Fiumicino airport of Rome prepared to avoid hitches that there could be time consuming. For this, the first rule is this: the plane ride starts before leaving.

“How to take a plane at Rome Fiumicino Airport”

1. Preparation of the hand luggage and checked luggage.
There are some safety regulations that prohibit lead to plane carrying some objects or products. It is important to follow them.

Important not to forget a valid document at home (ID card), passport, entry visa to the destination country (if required) and, of course, the air ticket.

2. How to read the air ticket

The ticket provides us with some valuable information to keep in mind, they will help us understand how you take the plane at Rome airport (FCO):

  • flight date
  • Flight identification code
  • Indication of the terminal

3. When you travel to the airport of Fiumicino.

Depending on destination and time of departure (high season, low season, weekends, bridges …), it will be good to carefully calculate, the advance with which present themselves at Rome airport, to avoid being late for boarding, including waiting at check-in and security checks.

A tip is always useful to arrive at the airport at least two hours before flight departure with regard to domestic flights, and at least three hours before departure for international flights. in order to attend calmly all procedures and not risk losing the boarding (The times are reduced the event of the web check-in or mobile). In fact all this time often is not necessary depending on company regulations, but better take it easy rather than risk losing the plane.

Remember not to buy drinks or other liquids before having passed the Fiumicino airport security checks.

4. At the Rome airport: where do I go?

It’s easy. Observe the signs that we find on the flight ticket, there we can see what the departure terminal to go.

5. At the Rome Fiumicino airport: check in

Once entered the building of the airport, you will come across the counters for check-in. With the help of monitors and signage, you will have to locate the door to check-in, the airline with which you are flying, and for the flight booked. You can also ask for help to professionals of Rome airport services.

At the check-in you will have to bear handing:

  • ticket
  • documents
  • checked baggage

At the end of this phase of airport procedures, you will receive your boarding pass on which the staff at check-in will highlight the gate to which you will have to bear there, and the place to board plane (seat). In case he does not do so, you can ask.

6. At FCO airport: how to read the boarding pass

On the boarding pass you can read some basic information in order to follow the procedures that eventually will lead us to board plane:

  • boarding time
  • assigned place

We would like to hand the boarding pass and the document and let us go through security at the gates to the area of the gate.

7.The security check at the Rome airport

Before arriving at the security gate, you may be asked for your boarding pass and documents. Once you get the control you will have to go under the scanner the following items, to be put into the appropriate compartments on the conveyor belt:

  • Hand luggage
  • Metal objects
  • Wallet
  • Objects carried in the pockets
  • Jacket
  • Electronic devices
  • Belt
  • Shoes (if there are metal elements such as reinforced toes or studs)

After putting the tray on the roll, you will have to go through the metal detector and submit to further controls.

8. At the airport: at the boarding gate

Once recovered all the items stored in the tank, you will bear to the gate and eventually make purchases with confidence in duty free Rome airport. Always keep an eye on the start time of boarding.

Came our turn, we will have to re-submit to the gate boarding pass and passport.

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