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How early to get to Rome airport?

How many times travelers from all over the world have asked us: “How early to get to Rome airport?”

Unfortunately, the day of departure has arrived; your holiday in Rome is over, everything is ready but a doubt arises: how long before do you have to go to the airport? Losing the plane has always been one of the worst fears for anyone preparing to fly. There is nothing worse than arriving late at the airport.

Although traveling from one country or city to another by plane has become an ordinary administration for thousands of frequent travelers, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account, to be sure of going to the airport on time, taking into account having to carry out all travel safety checks, and even losing the plane departing from Rome.

In this guide you will find a lot of useful and interesting information to help you calculate how long before you arrive at Rome Fiumicino airport and avoid running into situations that could ruin your trip.

“The question of everyone who has to go to the airport”

irst of all, our advice is to always move with a wide margin of advance; in spite of all the calculations that can be made, there are always unexpected events that could prove fatal.

If you intend to book a car transfer to Rome airport, the road accident, a strike, a technical mistake in an unexpected wave of traffic: any mishap could become a problem. It is better to avoid risks, and to prepare to arrive at Fiumicino airport well in advance.

Considering that the check-in counter of a flight opens 2 hours before the departure of the flight, if the context in which you travel allows you always choose to spend some more time at the airport, to be sure to get on board of your flight rather than taking the risk of having to hurry.

After boarding your baggage at and passing all the security checks at Rome airport, you can relax in one of the many dining options at Fiumicino airport available to travelers. Or why not, take a tour of the Rome Fiumicino duty free shops and the various airport shops or simply find a corner to sit and maybe read a good book.

Factors to consider before going to Fiumicino airport

There are some variants that must be taken into consideration to calculate how long before you arrive at Leonardo Da Vinci airport; we always advise you to anticipate your arrival to make sure you have time to carry out all the necessary checks.

The first fundamental thing to keep in mind is that the flight departure time does not match the boarding time! For this reason, it is not possible to go to the departure gate of Fiumicino at the last minute. Generally boarding starts about 40 minutes before flight departure, while the boarding gate is closed about 15 minutes before take-off. Once the door is closed, no passenger will be allowed to board the plane.

Here are some questions that every passenger should ask himself, before leaving for Rome International Airport to avoid having unpleasant problems:

  • How far is the airport from your hotel in Rome?
  • Have you planned to reach Fiumicino airport by taxi, or by public transport?
  • Are the day and time of departure of your flight one of the most crowded?
  • Is your flight date during a high or low season?
  • Are you traveling alone or in a group?
  • Are you traveling with hand baggage only or do you need to check in suitcases?

Not only do we suggest that you strictly adhere to the lead times suggested by the airlines but, if you are anxious travelers, maybe even anticipate them a little to make sure you don’t have any problems.

National Flights

As for domestic flights, most airlines suggest that their passengers go to the airport at least 1 hour in advance of the departure time of the flight in question.

International flights

As for international flights, most airlines suggest their passengers to go to Rome Fiumicino airport at least two hours in advance, compared to the departure time of the flight in question.

Intercontinental flights

As for intercontinental flights – long-haul flights between two different continents – most airlines suggest their passengers to go to Da Vinci airport at least three hours in advance, compared to the departure time of the flight in question.

Online Check-In

Online check-in is becoming more widespread, and there are more and more airlines that require their passengers to check-in online in advance, compared to arriving at the airport to allow faster boarding times.

If you do not have checked baggage, and have already checked in online, you will not need to go to the check-in counter of the airline you are traveling with, and for this reason you can go to the airport even 1 hour before departure, if you are about to travel on a national trip, or 1 hour and a half before departure for international flights.

What time do I leave for Rome Fiumicino airport if I have a flight to London or New York?
For example, if you have to leave with a European flight from Rome Fiumicino to London (UK), and the airport is 1 hour and a half by car transfer from your home: we suggest you leave for Rome airport, 4 hours before departure time.

If instead your flight from Rome Fiumicino to New York in the United States, and the airport is 1 hour by taxi from your home in Rome Center: we suggest you leave for Fiumicino airport 4 and a half hours before departure time.


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