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Rome airport luggage

Departing from Rome Fiumicino Airport? 10 tips to get everything you need on board

Only a few hours before our flight to Rome and doubt assails us: what to put in your hand luggage to make the journey as comfortable as possible? There are a few simple rules to prepare the perfect hand luggage with everything that we serve on board. A useful guide especially for those who face the flight from / to Rome airport for the first time, but also for those who want to get the maximum on-board comfort.

“The perfect carry-on luggage at Rome airport (FCO)”

# 1: One luggage in the cabin
Many have doubts on this point. You can bring a handbag or laptop bag door in addition to the carry-on luggage? The answer is yes in both cases.

# 2: the choice of dimensions
According to the security rules for all EU airports, Fiumicino Airport in Rome, you can bring a hand luggage in the cabin of the total size of 115 cm maximum. It is good to inquire in advance about the conditions in terms of size and weight set by the airline.

Usually the hand luggage must not exceed the dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm and weight of Kg 8. In some cases the weight may not exceed 5 kg, we invite you to read the appropriate information section on flights of your airline company for more information.

# 3: tickets and documents, at your fingertips
The documents will be used to ensure efficient check-in and boarding. Put them in your hand luggage will help you find them quickly when you need them.

# 4: empty your pockets in your hand luggage
Keys, coins, mobile phones and so on, you can entrust it to the baggage to carry in the car: they will always be with you if necessary, but will reduce greatly the time to pass the security gate at the airport.

# 5: handkerchiefs and wet wipes
They return always useful: handkerchiefs and wet wipes can take away from many of the constraints without needing the bathroom, to which access may be uncomfortable for reasons of time or space.

# 6: a snack never hurts, but choose well
It will be useful to bring in hand luggage something to eat when you will feel hungry. Choose practical things to eat, and they do not dirty. Be careful not to choose foods prohibited by safety regulations, such as the liquid products (even semi-liquid, such as yogurt), soft cheeses and all the spreads, meat, fruit or vegetables. Opt for something dry, like cookies, cakes or a chocolate bar.

As for the water or other beverage, you may want to buy them in duty free of Fiumicino Airport.

Bring with you even some candy: it could be useful to relieve cough and soothe the parched throat from the air.

# 7: something to wear to cover you
Between the airport and airplane, the passage of air-conditioned areas to environmental temperature areas can be harmful to health. Take precautions with something to cover themselves, it can be a good idea.

# 8: entertainment
On long-haul flights, many airline companies have set up a film and music on board. It is advisable, however, to rely on something to our liking that will make us pass the time as best we prefer: a book or magazine.

If traveling with children, be sure to bring along some toys or some book to read with them and to read our guide on air travel with children.

# 9: For those who wear contact lenses
It might be handy to have everything you need for an emergency intervention to contact lenses. In the market there are specially designed kits for air travelers and ideal for hand luggage (you still pay attention to the amount of liquid). Something that you had not thought of: artificial tears. A moisturizing product could relieve the discomfort of dry lenses for conditioning the aircraft cabin.

# 10: improved comfort by plane
it is important to have with you some tools that will allow you to rest the best on board. The essential kit to put in hand luggage for medium- and long-haul flights: earplugs and cervical pillow (opt for the inflatable, so you save space in your luggage).

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